[Users] VisIt and Pugh

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Oct 29 10:10:01 CDT 2020

Hello David,

> Has anyone use VisIt to visualize HDF5 data generated using the PUGH
> driver or does it just work with Carpet?
Unfortunately, while the file formats are almost identical, the
CarpetHDF5 plugin for VisIt can read only CarpetHDF5 output files.

The difference is (as far as I know) entirely in the HDF5 "attributes"
used to describe the actual datasets.

For example PUGHIOHDF5 will provide these attributes for a 3d grid
function dataset:

/WAVETOY::phi\ timelevel\ 1\ at\ iteration\ 0 Dataset {15/15, 15/15, 15/15}
    Attribute: delta {3}
        Type:      native double
        Data:  0.6, 0.6, 0.6
    Attribute: global_size {3}
        Type:      native int
        Data:  15, 15, 15
    Attribute: groupname scalar
        Type:      21-byte null-terminated ASCII string
    Attribute: grouptype scalar
        Type:      native int
        Data:  402
    Attribute: max_ext {3}
        Type:      native double
        Data:  8.1, 8.1, 8.1
    Attribute: min_ext {3}
        Type:      native double
        Data:  -0.3, -0.3, -0.3
    Attribute: ntimelevels scalar
        Type:      native int
        Data:  3
    Attribute: origin {3}
        Type:      native double
        Data:  -0.3, -0.3, -0.3
    Attribute: time scalar
        Type:      native double
        Data:  0

while the CarpetIOHDF5 reader expects to find these ones:

cctk_nghostzones (int[3]) - number of ghost zones in each direction
delta (double[3]) - grid spacing
iorigin (int[3]) - cctk_lbnd[] (for PUGH)
level (int) - 0 (refinement level)
name (string) - variable name
origin (double[3]) - upper/front/left corner coordinate of block of data
time (double) - simulation time
timestep (int) - cctk_iteration

plus the attribute

nioprocs (int) - number of file_X files making up the data set.

in a "Parameters and Global Attributes" group.


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