[Users] nan using Carpet

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Fri Oct 30 14:06:52 CDT 2020

Hello David,

you should be able to run basic PUGH parfiles with Carpet.

The one difference that comes to mind is that Carpet by default will
poison (fill with NaN) unitialized memory while PUGH leaves it the way
the OS provided it (which usually means either 0 or whatever value it
had before.

You an set:

Carpet::poison_new_timelevels = no
CarpetLib::poison_new_memory = no

and if that "fixes" the problem then in fact you have a bug in your
code and are accessing unitialized memory.

Can you provide a working example parfile to reproduce the problem?


> Hello,
> I’m switching a code I wrote from using PUGH to using Carpet but now I get lots of NAN’s when I run it.  Are there any special parameters needed to run Carpet as unigrid and behave like PUGH?  I am also using MoL and get this issue even when I use Euler methods and trivial initial data.
> -DG
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