[Users] modifying submit scripts after build

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Tue Aug 3 12:12:40 CDT 2021

Hello Tomas,

> I'm using ETK on a cluster with Linux Centos7. I was able to build it
> successfully, and now I need to change the submit script located
> in Cactus/simfactory/mdb/submitscripts.
> I've edited the file without building again, but it doesn't seem to have
> any effect. Do I need to rebuild after editing the .sub file?
When you build with simfactory it will make copies of the RunScript,
SubmitScript and OptionList and store them in configs/sim/XXX.

This is so that the configuration is self-contained and does not depend
on external files (by design).

You can then modify the files eg.


Simfactory will not change the existing files unless you pass an
explicit --submitscript / --optionlist / --runscript option to it (not
quite sure to which subcommand, most likely "buidl" and maybe also the
"submit" type commands).


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