[Users] North American Einstein Toolkit summer school recap

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Wed Aug 4 17:31:09 CDT 2021

Hello all,

We had very successful summer school in the week of July 26h to 30th.

I big Thank you! to all who attended and presented.

At peak there were over 130 concurrent attendees and Zoom counts 223
unique names, with some attendees chosing to attend only some sessions.

Looking back at the school program the lectures and tutorials showcased
the breadth of topics that are addressed by the Einstein Toolkit. 

In a total of 15 lighning talks Einstein Toolkit users presented results
of interest to community and showcased their work to strike up
collaborations and conversations. 

Presentations on software outoside of the Einstein Toolkit, but of
interest provided insight into areas of growth for the toolkit.

Finally the "Future of the Einstein Toolkit" seesion on Friday provided
a venue for all attendees to discuss their plans and expectations for
the toolkit in the future.

If you are interested in hearing more about the toolkit join the
Einstein Toolkit user community:


or contribute at the weekly Einstein Toolkit Zoom calls each Thursday at
9:00AM US Central time


or via the Einstein Toolkit users mailing list:


All available recordings and slides are now uploaded to the respective
talk pages on


and collected in a YouTube playlist:


the organizers

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