[Users] Need help building Einstein Toolkit: make: *** [sim] Error 2

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Sat Dec 18 09:55:31 CST 2021

Hello maryam

> Thanks so much for making the Einstein Toolkit software available!
> I'm using the CactusTutorial.ipynb that I got from your site. I'm trying to
> build ET on my 2017 Macbook Pro running OS 12.0.1
For OSX are you using macports or homebrew as your package manager
(those are the only two we test with)? Did you follow the instructions
at the top of the jupyter notebook on which packages to install?

> I'm stuck at this cell :
> %%bash ./simfactory/bin/sim build -j2 --thornlist ../einsteintoolkit.th
> Running that cell eventually stops with the errors
> make: *** [sim] Error 2
> Can you help? I'm confused by the error message
> I really appreciate any help you are able to provide!
Unfortunately "error 2" is just make's generic error to indicate that
something went wrong. To help diagnose if you could please provide (see
http://einsteintoolkit.org/support.html for details) this extra information:

* Try to share information and files relevant to the case. If you have
  compilation problems using SimFactory, send the make.log file after
  running the command

     VERBOSE=1 simfactory/bin/sim build -j1 2>&1 | tee make.log 

  as well as the configuration file in configs/sim/OptionList. If you
  have trouble with a simulation run foo, send the foo.out and foo.err
  logs and the used parameter file if possible. 
*  If a lot of text is copy-pasted into the email's body and makes it
  difficult to read, add the relevant files as attachments to the mail.
  They will be accessible from the archive page of the mailing list and
  all the subscribing users will be able to access them on their own
  email clients.

* If the attachments are too large, you will be notified by the
  mailing list that your message awaits moderator's approval and given
  the choice to cancel the sending. You can also pack the files into a
  .zip archive and upload to an easily accessible cloud service,
  sharing the link in the email.

this would help. In particular the full file "make.log" is important
since it contains all the error messages (which may be quite a bit
above the last line of output).


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