[Users] meeting minutes for 2021-07-01

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Jul 1 09:46:42 CDT 2021

Present: Peter, David B,. Bill G., Roland, Leo, Yosef, 

* no update

* general agreement to include it, 2 explicit in favor, no objections,
  go ahead with inclusion at this point, bring up again next week
* Roland mentioned that the paper may be in JOSS and thus reviewed

Other codes to include:
* RWZM self-force code could be ready for inclusion next release, by
  Sam Cupp
* code is currently working for a circular effective source, currently
  testing fluxes and comparing to existing codes
* Idaho (nee WVU) group may have an ID solver code that might be up for
* LORENE2 update

LORENE update:
* no update yet, Roland to ping Josh

New ET release manager:
* postpone for a week

ET school:
* have heard back from most speakers confirming their slots
* will most likely start 30min earlier than initially advertised
* students can still register (to the last day), but no longer submit
  (new) talks
* will finalize program and contributed talks today

chair next weeks: Peter, Roland
minutes next week: Leo, Bill


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