[Users] Workshop on Binary Neutron Stars Next Week (July 12-16)

Yosef Zlochower yosef at astro.rit.edu
Thu Jul 8 09:31:30 CDT 2021


Our Theory and Computational Astrophysics Network (TCAN) is hosting an 
international workshop to discuss the science, observations and 
simulations of binary neutron stars and black hole - neutron star 
mergers. The meeting will be held virtually over zoom.
The dates will be July 12--16; all talk sessions will be in the morning, 
US Eastern time. The afternoons will be dedicated to open format 
discussions. You can view our full schedule here: 

The topics for the talks on day 1 will focus on reviewing the status of 
the merger simulations for both BNS and BH/NS binaries. On day 2, talks 
will be dedicated to nuclear physics, equation of state, nucleosynthesis 
and post merger simulations. On day 3 (July 14) , the topics will range 
from particle transport in fluid dynamics, radiation transport and 
kilonovae. Finally, day 4 we will be dedicated to magnetic field 
amplification and topology, and jet launching.
If you would like to attend, please register by sending me 
(yosef at astro.rit.edu) an email by Sunday 5pm EDT. There is no fee 
associated with attending.
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