[Users] Meeting minutes for 2021-06-10

Atul Kedia akedia at nd.edu
Thu Jun 10 10:34:03 CDT 2021

Present: Roland H, Maria H, Leonardo W, Steve B, Yosef Z, Zach E,
Atul K

Chair: Steve B, Minutes: Atul K

* SPEC benchmark contribution
[https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2470] [RH,
Nothing new

* ET 2021 NA summer school
Roland - Collecting info from people attending. 1 empty lecture slots -
probably going to be used for lightning talk.

Roland - Talk abstracts are accepted up until 23/June.
Registration (no-abstract) deadline is upto 2 days before the Meeting.
Meeting dates 26-30th July.

Maria - May not be able to attend, travelling.

Atul - Is making a doc compiling the info on LORENE code. Going to share
the doc with 5 people involved in the LORENE discussion. Needed in
advance to be installed on the servers.

Yosef - Do Maria, Bruno, Antonios, Atul need coordination emails?
Maria - Going to get things ready by the June 23rd deadline.
Roland - Sent emails IDs to Yosef.

BlackHoles at Home (http://astro.phys.wvu.edu/bhathome/)

Stand alone code independent of ET and Cactus
Steve- Mesh refinement technique on BH at H? ZE using their own Mesh
refinement code?
Zach - Does a lot of stuff.. Like 3 spheres overlap, with smaller
cartesian grids included. Interpolation, coordinate transformation, and
so on.
Steve - Why does it not call Cactus?
Zach - Need full control of all memory for running it on PC.
Steve - Make BH at home’s Mesh refinement a real driver in Cactus. Not
much overhead with Cactus.
Zach - Not MPI parallelized. Build system limitations, can't do on
Windows or Mac.
Zach - Can interest new users as it makes BBH sims more accessible.
Steve - ET works on Mac and Windows (WSL), so can make BH at H also work.

Steve - There should be documentation for adding drivers on ET.

Yosef - Change parameters not possible on Cactus (like mesh refinement)?
So that you can stop cactus and restart?
Roland - Possible. All thorns free space.
Yosef - Cactus refused to restart. Calls terminate and reinitialize.
Roland - Shutdown completely. MPI-init needs to be done at the
Can compile with no MPI thorn.
Roland and Zach are hacking it currently.

Roland - Gabriele Bozzolla proposed to include Kuibit. People interested
in having it and to review this?
Atul - Interested in it and could be a co-reviewer.
Roland - More than one reviewer is good.
Steve - Interested but can’t commit. Got Kuibit mentioned in the BBH
gallery page for starters.

* [https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered
question on mailing list]
Prasad R. Wants to use PiecewisePolytrope or tabulated EoS with
IllinoisGRMHD - Leonardo W may be answering it.

HiK - Recon dependency issue.
Need to be careful to compare, they have Mag fields code on but with it
B =0. They always run with evolve B_vec = yes, but with B = 0. Brings
differences in con2prim.
Their Par files are at :
They use PRThorns.
If there are large differences in recon methods there might be bugs in
recon methods.

* [
open tickets sorted by update time]

* [
tickets ready for review]

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Atul Kedia
PhD Candidate
University of Notre Dame
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