[Users] Meeting Minutes 2021-06-17

Gabella, William E b.gabella at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Jun 17 10:40:35 CDT 2021

Present: Roland H, Bill G, Peter D, Leonardo R, Atul K, Miguel G, Yosef Z,
Roberto DP, Zach E

Chair: Roland H, Minutes: Bill G

* Any first business

Roland, Think about code for inclusion to the ETK for six months from now.

Roberto, Working with Frank, and also Lorene and Lorene2.

Roland, in the ETK, we want to switch to the more modern version of 
Lorene, what
we call Lorene2, update EOS.  Roberto, Main developer of Lorene has his own
version, paper with Rezzola and Grandclement.

A new public code for initial data of unequal-mass, spinning 
compact-object binaries
L. Jens Papenfort, Samuel D. Tootle, Philippe Grandclément, Elias R. Most,
Luciano Rezzolla

Roland, Lorene2 Zach was going to check with Josh Faber, RIT, about an 
issue moving
to Lorene2.  Need to check the status of that.

Roberto, We are using old Lorene.  Newest version has many changes, but 
each seems
minor.  Tabulated EOS then use Lorene from ETK for generating the 
initial data.  BNS
initial data has a reader that does interpolation...to view the start 
without using ETK file
output.  Never pushed this back to the Toolkit.  Eccentricity reduction 
is not in Lorene

Roland, can we talk to you Roberto to find the differences between 
Lorene and Lorene2.
Roberto, Adding one variable means the reader is no longer working.

Roland, If you generate with the old Lorene code initial data, the new 
one will fail.
That is why we have a Lorene2 thorn.  Roberto, we should not support 
binary data
for Lorene.  Using tabulated EOS even for polytropic, generate the table 
in Lorene
format and use as input.  Roland, at the school end of July will be a 
session on how
to generate data with Lorene and read it in.  Also the math setup for 
the initial
data solver will be discussed there.

Atul K, 0 degree temp tabulated EOS, is there a way to do finite 
Roberto, not using barotropic, not including "Raw PE," a 1D table.  
dependence is not supported.  Not specified by the physics.  Also the 
rotation profile, you put in my hand.  Roberto, always use tabulated 
wants piecewise polytropic.  Lorene2 did not have a limit on file size 
and Roberto
is using 5000 points for the table.

Roberto, Meudon NS reader modified and working with both versions of the 
Older version links to Lorene, newer version links to Lorene2.

Atul, has a document on making NS initial data...will send to the Summer 
NS people---using Lorene and not Lorene2.  Lorene must specify EOS and there
are 20 classes or so.  Focusing on a few of the EOS in the document.

Roberto, if you want improvement in Lorene we would like that too.  
Roland, would
like to make Lorene2 the default version.  Josh Faber at RIT found that 
in the
generating code something fishy between the French comments and the 
code.  The Lorene developers have two versions of the code...one in 
French and
the other in English.

* SPEC benchmark contribution 
[https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2470 task] [RH, SB]

No discussion.

[https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered 
question on mailing list]

** Black Hole Excision by Hon Ka Hui needs to be answered.  They added 
some lines
to the *.par and then excision seemed to occur.  Looks like a problem 
with the
Spherical Surface being registered but not set, so it has an infinite 
radius.  They
need to set the number of spherical surfaces, perhaps.

** IllinoisGRMHD and piece-wise polytrope or tabulated EOS.  This does 
not work
need to use the development version, should contact Zach and/or Leo.

open tickets sorted by update time]

** #2538, Inclusion of kuibit.  Emails from Roland out soon.

** #2536, about cactuscode web server and WWW needed in front.

tickets ready for review]

** #2527, an incorrect param file to ETK would cause Perl warnings too.  
It should not,
this fixes it.


Chairs and Minute takers.
June 24: Chair Peter and Minutes Atul

William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Nashville, TN USA
(o) 615-343-2713

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