[Users] Meeting minutes for 2021-06-24

Atul Kedia akedia at nd.edu
Thu Jun 24 10:42:26 CDT 2021

Present: Peter D, Roland H, Joshua Faber, Miguel G, Zach E, Maria H,
Yosef Z, Atul K

Chair: Peter D, Minutes: Atul K

* Anything before the agenda?

Roland - Lorene discussion with Josh.

Roland - 2 years ago there were discussions about Lorene2 on ET. Did
not get updated back then.

Josh - Summary:
Generating BNS ID, to increase catalog. Using Lorene from the website (
There are two versions (French and English) of the classes. Do
essentially the same. French is older, and is used for JF’s BNS ID.
English is slightly harder to use. French one is mostly usable with the
Needs testing and cataloging of how to generate ID, and thorns that
read it.

Driver routines distinguish the French and English versions. There’s a
directory which contains the files (executables?) for the two. Some of
the math is different too.

Roland - The one on ET only has (or compiles perhaps) classes that are
needed for reading ID by ET.

* SPEC benchmark contribution
[https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2470] [RH,
Roland - They had a question about increasing runtime. We have to

* ET 2021 NA summer school
Roland - Close to 200 participants. 18 lightning talks. Finalizing the
Reaching out to Peter for LSU virtual machines.

Peter - will talk with Steve.

* Mugshots for ET gallery runners [RH]
Roland - Will send email to gallery test runners for their mugshot to
give them more visibility. This was discussed in an earlier ET meeting.
Will (likely) add the mugshot of all the testers along with the
maintainers page but not going to keep emeritus ET testers mugshots.

* [https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered
question on mailing list]

* [
open tickets sorted by update time]
Roland - installed on a new VM with no issues. Freshly installed.
Want to include instructions on error reporting, and how to label the
particular bugs. Can’t be “blocker” unless it causes issues to many

Roland gonna look into it. If only happening with things evolved with
MoL, should cause issues with gridarrays.

Yosef - does not make sense to evolve gridarrays in AMR. If it is AMR,
it needs to be updated when the nearest grid element is updated.
Makes doing everything very messy.

Roland - Writing documentation remaining.

Poisson, Single Stable neutron star, Binary Black hole : needs to be

* [
tickets ready for review]
#332 :
Roland - Old ticket by Bruno Mundim. Probably an ‘Enhancement’.

Future chairs and minute takers:
1 July :  Chair Peter, Minutes Roland.
8 July : Chair: -- , Minutes Miguel G.

---------------------------- End of Call ----------------------------

Atul Kedia
PhD Candidate
University of Notre Dame
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