[Users] Meeting minutes for 2021-10-7

Atul Kedia akedia at nd.edu
Thu Oct 7 13:21:01 CDT 2021

Present: Bill G, Peter D, Miguel G, Leo RW, Roland H, Atul K,
Zach E, Yosef Z, Wolgang K, Steve B

Chair: Roland, Minutes: Atul

* next ET release [SB, YZ, RH] https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-
Steve: no updates.
Running Gallery examples? 2 of Helvi’s students volunteered.
Volunteers for Gallery examples:
* Poisson equation Miguel G
* TOV Peter D
* Multipatch Bill G
* BBH Helvi W’s student(s)
* BNS Helvi W’s student(s)

** status update on include candidates:
*** RePrimAnd: https://github.com/wokast/RePrimAnd
Roland: Compiled it but not any further. Looked for documentation..
Would help if there is a makefile.
Wolfgang: Will provide a bunch of files that need to compile. The
libraries needed are HDF5, GSL and Boost. Compiled with Python or not
could make a difference.
Roland: Can also add it as an ‘enable test’ option in the config file.
Leo: was able to select a few files from Boost to compile RePrimAnd.
Wolfgang: Boost is evolving and so that method may not be futureproof.
Steve: It is being used for CarpetX
Zach: For design reasons, recommends not adding external dependencies.
Easier to maintain as one version is fixed.
Leo: Just need to copy a couple of header files
Wolfgang: Will have to look if it is doable and still futureproof.

Yosef: Since Reprimand is evolving, would like to have the latest
version of reprimand in the future as well. Isn’t boost installed
already in machines?
Yosef: New users may not need RePrimAnd in the beginning.
Wolfgang: Reprimand only needs boost for unit tests.
Yosef: If CarpetX is the future of ET, then Boost is the future.
Wolfang: For release add reprimand with boost dependency?
Roland: Doable.. Included but not necessarily.
Zach: The Default ET steps download and compile?
Roland: Nope.. like LORENE2
So it will be included with ET but not compiled by default.

Wolfgang: Documentation html or la.tex file?
Could only have a dummy documentation.tex with html link.

*** FLRWSolver : No updates.
*** Kuibit: https://sbozzolo.github.io/kuibit/  :
Yosef: No updates.
Deadline : Nov- 12
Check documentation / it works well with the ET.

https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/contribute.html has the "quality"

BBH gallery example has instructions for using Kuibit.
Yosef asks if the data is there for the gallery. Steve, yes it
is on the gallery website.

Steve: Documentation within the code distributed is preferred.

Yosef and Steve to meet for release coordination.

* SPEC benchmark contribution [SB, RH]
No updates

* LORENE2 as default LORENE thorn in ET [RH]
Any objection to this change? - None.
So will be going forward with it.

Nick Olson:
Roland: New user’s discussion group. Should encourage and support.
Bill: Can it be doable as an Issue on github?
Roland: Can be done on gitter, but it has not been used widely. Will
contact Nick on the mailing list.

[https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered
question on mailing list]

Hee Il Kim’s question, Steve is going to respond

BH-NS binary: Asked for a par file for BH-NS? Konrad Topolski asked a
similar same question. 15 July 2021. Miguel will respond.

Krishiv: Selfforce 1D question. Using it on the tutorial server.. The
data file is missing. Add URL to the data file in the notebook. Steve:
Initial data probably not linked anymore.
Peter and Steve will work together to fix this.

open tickets sorted by update time]
Roland pinged older thorns.
Documentation for WVU thorns. Zach will be adding documentation for the
few that are missing one before the next release.

tickets ready for review]

Nothing new

Future chairs and Minute takers
Oct 14: Chair : Peter D, Minutes: Bill

Best wishes,
Atul Kedia
University of Notre Dame
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