[Users] Meeting Minutes 2021-09-30

Gabella, William E b.gabella at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Sep 30 09:50:13 CDT 2021

Present: Yosef Z, Bill G, Peter D, Miguel G, Leo RW, Roland H, Atul K, 
Helvi W, Gabriele B

Chair: Yosef Z, Minutes: Bill G

* next ET Release [SB, YZ, RH]


[Steve is not present.]  No specific updates.  Roland, we do need to 
"poke" the various items.  And look for gallery testers. Yosef, Kuibit 
reviewer has no news.  Roland, RePriMand reviewer also no news.

* "hack-a-thon" to clean up tickets, documentation, web pages

Yosef, Put on the mailing list for scheduling.  Roland, Go through the 
tickets and look for easier or harder tickets and go from there.  Go 
through and fix warnings.  Roland, would make a list; Ian hinder tried 
to classify as urgent and not so urgent. Code authors could go through 
the tickets.  Some older components in the toolkit might not have good 

[https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered 
question on mailing list]

Aug 13, THC thorn.  Roland, we have kept hands off because either a THC 
or Kadath question, or both, not in the toolkit.  So not for us.

Sep 1, ET and recent intel compilers.  Steve seems to be handling this 
(last exchange 25 Aug), but we should still document the problem with 
the compiler and if one or other is the correct one. Intel compilers on 
Bayou system at LSU.  Peter has access to intel 21 machines and can try 
something, would test suite work?  Likely need a BNS parameter file.  
Yosef, have older intel at RIT cluster.  Atul, there is the BNS gallery 
example to use.

open tickets sorted by update time]

No discussion...lots of them.

tickets ready for review]

#963, improve McLachlan accuracy.  Peter will take a look at this.

#2568, Roland can make the messages more clear, or document.

#2570, update MPI tarball.  Roland two things changed here, update the 
tarball, 4.0.1 current version fails to compile on USX (infiniband, and 
low level support UCT), 4.0.6 works with both versions.  This happened 
on Deep Bayou to Roland when installing own MPI.  Other change in the 
Pull Request, make MPI link against all libraries that HWLOC uses, udev 
(?) and NUMA.  Usually works on systems with dynamic linking but on 
static it can fail.

#2563, isfinite() supersedes finite().  Helvi, a problem on the new Macs 
with the M1 chip.  Roland will apply it today unless someone seriously 

#332, Cactus and environment vars.  No discussion.

#2364, avoid HDF5 files opening many times.  It is an enhancement.  
Roland, put this in for Blue Waters where filesystem was slow.  Ticket 
is lingering in case anyone wants it/needs it.

* Chair and minute taker

Chair, Roland    Minutes, Atul

* any other business

Gabriele B, hack-a-thon suggestion, would be useful to have more param 
files that cover more cases; there are so many features in the ET.  Did 
not find them earlier because no param files showing them.  Helvi, keep 
in mind they should be consistent on the web site or wherever we keep them.

Roland, more examples of param files, we might want to turn some into 
gallery examples to keep them up-to-date, keep them from "aging out" and 
no longer working with the toolkit.

Bill, we might also considered a place that is not so well curated, a 
"community contributed" site, where users can upload parameters files, 
results, and some comments on when and how it ran.  A user at your own 
risk kind of site.  Seems we would get many more param files, but there 
would be overlaps, lack of quality control, etc, etc.

Helvi W, been asked to co-organize a workshop for numerical relativity 
in Aug 2022, with SpEC, with David Radice, Leo Stein, probably at Brown 
university.  Mix of few days of hack-a-thon/tutorials, discussions, and 
working together.  It is an ICERM program, another three weeks for 
computational gravity during the semester.  Recall, ICERM fall 2020 was 
about Computational Relativity, https://icerm.brown.edu/programs/sp-f20/ .

William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Nashville, TN USA
(o) 615-343-2713

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