[Users] meeting minutes for 2022-08-04

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Aug 4 09:34:30 CDT 2022

Present: Roland, Beyan, Peter, Yosef, Bruno, Leo, Gabriele, Miguel,
Keith, Steve

Updates on ET CSSI working workshop
* Roland and Leo provided updates
* had some discussion on details of radiative boundary condition issue
  when used with AMReX

modules proposed for inclusion
* quick updates, Roland mentioned still looking for a co-reviewer for
  FLRW, having two candidates right now

gallery examples:
* Peter working on TOV example
* Steve not present

functionality to retire:
* CoordGauge was mentioned as a candidate for retirement
* ADMMacros and ADMCoupling are also mentioned as candidates
* Roland to check list of announced retirements on wiki

ET EU meeting
* Steve and Bruno discussed how to organize tutorial
* Gabriele suggested introducing kuibit as well

review guidelines for reviewers
* Gabrielle suggested adding "best practises" requirements
** READ / WRITE would be good and could be required
** how to write a loop could be suggested
* provide place for users to indicate which parts of the toolkit are
* provide "best practises" example thorn in CactusWave thorns

SPECv8 contribution
* have received feedback by organizers, will need to decide on author
  list. Steve and Roland to discuss.

Chair next week: Beyhan
Minutes next week: Steve

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