[Users] Meeting minutes for 2002-08-11

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Aug 11 09:27:12 CDT 2022

Present: Steve (minutes), Roland, Bruno, Peter, Beyhan (chair), Yosef, 
Zach, Leo

Done with the 3rd Spec Benchmark: CPU8
     We have some licensing issues that Roland discovered.

Canuda progress: The review has started and sent some comments to the 
authors so Roland is optimistic.

FLRW Solver progress: Zach isn't a cosmologist, but he is reviewing 
based on coding.

Selfforce-1D: Peter has started, so it's progressing

NRPyEllipticET: Leo says the review will start early next week, tests 
were done by hand. Some cleaning up of the code has been in progress. A 
script for the empirical formula for computing the damping was added 
because the referee asked for it.

Roland Haas is trying to make sure the reviews are done in a timely way 
and the results of the published paper can be reproduced.

Steve suggested adding coverage testing for new thorns.

ID Reader for Elliptica. Beyhan has compiled it, but that's all so far. 
This may not get reviewed by the end of the month and so we might move 
it to the next release. Roland is not sure if the library of data files 
are ready. Not in a publication. Roland would like the reader in the 
toolkit, but would prefer not to have something that's rushed.

BBH Gallery example is running.

New thorns should probably add a gallery example. This would also create 
more visibility. Zach thinks the self-force code should have a gallery 

Functionality to remove ADMBase and StaticConformal inheritance from 

Zach wants StaticConformal to go altogether. We could deprecate it. 
Could replace it with a stub of a thorn that just errors out. Steve 
suggests we add compile/runtime warnings during the deprecation. Spec 
code has such a mechanism. We could do something similar. Yosef wants to 
not build deprecated unless the user chooses an option. Maybe disable it 
in the thorn list. So announce removal, then disabled, then removed.

Open tickets: Does number 2626 have an update? Roland is not sure the 
changes actually make things go faster.

Ticket 2598? Mostly about clusters at West Virginia. Started by Maria. 
The maintainer is Anush. Roland will check on the pull request.

Ticket 2625? Gabrielle Bozolla made a pull request.

Yosef tried to use GetComponents to checkout thorns. Multiple branches 
cannot doesn't work. Needs --no-shallow.

Yosef askes if we want to move the meeting back to 9am? We will put the 
question on the mailing list.

Steve will try and update the intro to cactus presentation to use the 
wave equtaion instead of the TOV star.

Volunteers for the next call: Roland will take minutes. Yosef will be chair.

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