[Users] meeting minutes for 2022-01-13

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Jan 13 09:31:25 CST 2022

Einstein Toolkit Meeting Notes
Present: Yosef, Steve, Peter, Atul Leonardo Rosa Werneck, Bill, Miguel 
Gabriele, Federico, Zach
Chair: Yosef
Minute Taker: Steve

Visualization page on the website: Gabriele made pull request with a 
visualization page. Also cleaned up some typos.

Unanswered questions on the mailing list: Gabriele's question about 
reconstructing past time levels. I told him I believe it needs to be 
done manually.

Tickets: Some tickets flagged for the hackathon.

What new things do we want for a release?
FLRW solver
Additional docs for visualization is desirable. The tutorial server viz 
should be updated.

Next week: 1-20-2022
Chair: Peter
Minutes: Bill

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