[Users] Meeting Minutes 2022-01-20

Gabella, William E b.gabella at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Jan 20 10:06:07 CST 2022

Present:  Peter D, Roland H, Yosef Z, Bill G, Miguel G, Atul K, Leo RW, 
Steve B, Maria H, Zach E

Chair: Peter D, Minutes: Bill G

* Any First Business


* search for next ET release manager [RH]

Steve, Yosef is the next release manager.  And next release manager is 
his deputy, who is Roland.

* FLRWSolver inclusion [RH]

Roland, have not heard from Helvi, and need help reviewing this---last 
time not enough time for the review.  Helvi and Hayley need to be poked 
and check on progress---Peter will do that.

and GitHub   https://github.com/hayleyjm/FLRWSolver_public .

* ET hackathon [RH]

Schedule the hackathon?  Steve, requests that we do not have it on a 
Tues or Thurs.  Steve, we have a good idea of what the bugs are and 
should go ahead with it.  Roland, we should have a pre-selection of 
tickets and bugs for people to work on.  Steve, we have done that.  
Steve and Roland added to some tickets "hackathon".  Fixing a ticket 
miggt be 10 minutes but the testing might be an hour or so.  It will be 
on Wednesday, Feb 2nd, start at 11am CST.  Think of it as most of a day 
with people coming in and out.

* ET presentation series [RH]

We should keep it up.  See page


Simfactory Setup and Kuibit tutorial seem to be next on the list.  
Steve, would like to see another NRPY tutorial but he wants time to work 
on that.  Llama presentation would be good; unsure if the 13 patch is 
working.  Roland, 2D visualization is covered by Kuibit, so will remove 
those.  Turn the Mulitpatch into a TBD.  In 3-4 weeks, Roland can do the 
Simfactory tutorial, time to organize it.  Simfactory Setup scheduled 
for Thursday, Feb 10th, during the meeting/telecon.

* ET Jenkins server retirement [RH]

Roland, status update, it ran on a virtual machine on NCSA and that has 
been retired.  So we do not have  Jenkins server running, but there is 
sort of a continuous testing on GitHub. Looked at yesterday and looked 
"wonky" so we may not have as nice a continuous integration testing 
server.  May not want a Jenkins server though because it requires such 
extra effort.  Zach, does GitHub actions do all the tests?  Roland, it 
does, and takes 1/2 - 1 hour.  What is wonky is it claims 250 commits 
since the last release.  It is still triggering, and have a lot of 
computer time because of the educational discount at GitHub.

See the students work at https://mojamil.github.io/einsteintoolkit/ , 
and can contribute or comment at 
https://github.com/mojamil/einsteintoolkit/issues  .

Would be good for someone to help out making the GitHub actions better here.

* Suggestions for new inclusions to consider for the ET [RH]

** Self force code [RH]

Peter, we can have something for the next release.  Samuel Cupp has 
completed evolution in Schwarzschild.  Need to make sure the code is 

** Full reprimand code / thorn [RH]

*** tabulated hot EOS in Reprimand?

Roland was reviewing it.  Roland right now we have a RePriMand library 
that is not used by anything.  We should make sure that something uses 
it.  The build process requeres changes / fixes, Wolfgang, the Meson 
build system being used will always assume you can find the external lib 
by pgkconfig whtihi is not true on clusters.  Though it has tabulate EOS 
is for the cold matter, and not hot, so hybrid EOS.  Not godo for 
micro-physics.  Need to keep up-to-date what they are doing.  It si 
Con2Prim but has its own EOS framework.  The Con2Prim routing is 
somewhat indep of the EOS, but you stell need to make sure the EOS gives 
the guarantees that the Con2Prim requires

** Major update to Baikal

Zach, mostly a modernization of how the thorn is constructed in NRPy.  
Functionally identical (maybe one bug fix) to current thorn.

[https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered 
question on mailing list]

Current link shows all the emails in the last month, a bug right now.

open tickets sorted by update time]

Can put "hackathon" in the Search, next to Advanced Search and it pulls 
up 10 tickets right now.

tickets ready for review]

* Chair and minute taker

For Jan 27 meeting, Chair Maria and Minutes Miguel G

* Any other business


William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN  USA

b.gabella at vanderbilt.edu
(o) 615-343-2713

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