Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Tue Jan 25 11:21:58 CST 2022

Hello David,

> That makes sense.  It will take me a little time to change the source
> code but I can try it out.  I think this is something that should be
> included in future versions of Cactus so extra code modifications
> aren’t needed.
Agreed. If you add such code  and provide a pull request then I, for my
part, would be in favour of including it, even if only for the
VECTORISE=no case.

Note that just because the ET compiles does not guarantee that all
places in Cactus / Carpet are actually save for the case where
CCTK_REAL is "better" than a "double" (they should work fine for
CCTK_REAL == float since that has been used in the past). You are
mostly in uncharted areas I would say (though others may have used such
a setup in the past, I just do not myself recall having seen this being


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