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By the way it appears your email got interrupted, i didn't recieve the
continuation after
"For me the TOV"

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Hello silyx99,

> I can't seem to make the tov_ET simulation work. Every time it reaches 
> a definite time during the simulation, the code reaches segmentation
SEGFAULTs can often mean you are running out of memory. 

Though the tov_ET parfile uses very little memory for me: 200MiB (but does
reserve quite a bit more memory as virtual memory, namely ~1GiB).

You may need to run "top" in a second bash window to see how much memory
your run is using (you can type "e" to change units to more useful ones).

If you are actually running out of memory (which I kind of doubt, but who
knows) then you can try increasing memory for WSL2.

Since wsl2 is a (thin) virtual machine it is limited by how much memory it
can use.

Can you try if reserving more memory for the VM helps?



for how to do that.

I also noticed that the speed is a bit slower than expected with only
~71M/hr while my (old) workstation reaches ~1700M/hr.

For me the TOV 


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