[Users] Meeting minutes for 2022-07-21

Leonardo Rosa Werneck wernecklr at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 11:06:16 CDT 2022

Dear all,

Here are the meetings for today's meeting.

Participants: Peter, Steve, Keith, Beyhan, Leo, Roland, Alexandru, Fede, Liwei, Cheng, Johnny

	• Reviewers
		• Canuda: Miguel Zilhão will be contacted by Roland
		• FLRW solver: Helvi might be able to do it, but we might want to find a backup reviewer. No volunteers in the call.
		• Self-force 1D: already have reviewers.
		• NRPyElliptic: Leo will talk to someone in Helvi’s group about it ASAP.
		• Elliptica initial data reader: Beyhan volunteered. Roland will put Beyhan in touch with Alireza, the code’s “champion.”
	• Gallery examples
		• BBH: Steve ran the simulation half-way through completion, but a crash (unrelated with physical issues) prevented the run from finishing. Steve is confident enough that the results are still the same as in previous runs. Will update the website soon.
		• TOV: Peter already finished running and will update the website soon.
		• BNS: Atul and Yosef are not present, so no comment.
	• Open tickets
		• #2621: The star is likely very under-resolved, which is why the NaNs are appearing at merger. Roland will provide suggestions on how to modify the parfile to improve this behavior.
	• Other discussions
		• Peter: Github bots are sending emails to mailing lists, which are then getting stuck for approval by the maintainers. Are these intended? Roland: Yes, had to create a few robot accounts.
		• Peter: Brief discussion about a presentation poster, which has been cleared out by Roland and Steve.
	• Next week’s meeting
		• Chair: Leo
		• Minute taker: Johnny


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