[Users] Meeting minutes for 2022-06-09

Bing-Jyun Tsao johnny.tsao.880724 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 09:33:32 CDT 2022

Present: Beyhan, Roland, Steven, Miguel, Peter, Yosef, Leo, Johnny

Chair: Beyhan

Minutes: Johnny

   - ET release
    (detail <https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Release_Details>):
   - need to update TOV star case [Peter]
   - GRHydro issue: works in other clusters but not at RIT [Roland]. Might
   be a compiler issue or inappropriate memory access with using stack or
   heap. [Yosef].
   - Roland: Still collecting bug report
   - Add CI run to self force code [Peter]
   - Issue with Whisky [Beyhan]

   - ET summer school <https://einsteintoolkit.github.io/et2022uidaho/> at
   - zoom meetings are arranged and will be sent out to participants today
   or tomorrow [Leo]
   - Separate meeting (Thursday morning) for discussion on numerical
   relativity, even for people who didn’t register
   - ground transportation arranged [Leo]
   - Hackathon: Jessica will be the main contact, but she will be taking a
   day off on Wednesday [Leo]. Please add hackathon topics that can be worked
   out in a day with guidance [Roland], topics link
   from Roland's previous email.

   - Questions in the mailing lists:
   No unanswered questions.

   - Tickets (bitbucket
   - Updates on Riemann release needs to be reviewed [Roland]
   - Release: thorn guide needs to be updated [Roland]

   - Other:
   - Roland: student for summer has started, initializing Einstein Toolkit.
   - new time for weekly meeting

No meeting next week due to ET summer school.

Next call:

Chair and Minutes: Roland and Steven (TBD)
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