[Users] Meeting Minutes 2022-03-03

Gabella, William E b.gabella at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Mar 3 10:15:49 CST 2022

Present:  Peter D, Yosef Z, Miguel G, Maria H, Gabriele B, Leo W, Atul 
K, Steve B, Bill G, Zach E

Chair: Steve B, Minutes: Bill G

* A cute new feature in kuibit inspired by 
[https://jiffyclub.github.io/snakeviz/ snakeviz] [GB]

Gabriele, Snakevix is a python tool to visualize profiling information.  
If you run the profiler you can get a nice visualization.  Would like 
something similar for the ETK, since we output timing information, 
should be able to do this.  In the Kuibit developer version, added a new 
module, works with timers and you get a tree with the names of nodes and 
times, different MPI ranks, and can manipulate them.  Creates Timer 
Trees.  Can walk through the call stack, see Evolve takes most of the 
time, etc.  Built because it looks cool but seems useful.  Output the 
XML timing information with ETK and a script in Kuibit that reads it.  
Combines and creates the Tree object in Kuibit, non-trivial to merge 
different trees with different nodes, output to JSON and javascript to 
read it and make the visualization.  Carpet puts out the XML 
information, enable OUTPUT_XML_TIMERS, maybe.

In the developer documentation 
https://sbozzolo.github.io/kuibit/dev/timers.html  , and the code for 
the example shown 

Steve, Sample output would be nice to have there too.

* Release Planning



** Yosef, have we settled on what is to be included in the new release.  
We think the FLRW is to be included.  Peter D, Sam has some work on the 
self-force code that could be ready.

** Gallery examples, volunteers (many veterans)

*** Poisson Eqn, Miguel G
*** BNS Merger, Atul K
*** Multipatch Scalar Wave Eqn, Bill G
*** Single stable NS, Peter D
*** Binary Black Hole, ??, last time a student at Illinois.

** Teststuites?  Usually run them closer to the release?  Our guides 
says start in 2 months before release.

** The one month before regenerate the NRPy and Kranc codes, and Steve 
had trouble with those last time...as in it did not happen.

** Yosef trying to find personal info to edit the Wiki; will sort it out.

** Gabriele, on releases, we should have more information about the 
changes between the releases.  Use it to see if he needs to update his 
ETK.  It would be nice to make a more detailed "Change Log."

    Steve, Zach suggested we create a checkout of all the thorns with a 
single Git Checkout, then you could do a diff between releases and less 
of a pain to upgrade.  It would also make it easier to update the 
toolkit.  Zach, thinks it would reduce the overhead of a new release 
too.  All the thorns put in a single repo (see below).   Now collecting 
changes is difficult because there are so many repos, and inside one 
maybe only a small fraction might be in the release, at least for the 
NRPy repo.  So a repo of the Arrangements and Flesh, updated every 
release, and should be obvious what changed between releases.  Zach also 
thinks that makes a good default install for new users...a git clone 
<new release>.

   Gabriele, I would still like to know WHY those thorns changed, so 
still very useful to have a detailed ChangeLog.  Zach, I would also like 
to see this.  It does add some burden.  Gabriele, other codes you put 
the burden on the developer to add the line to the ChangeLog file when 
you commit to a repo.  Steve, we could make a list of Tickets that were 
closed.  This is likely a single search.  We should try to do this.

   Yosef, within Git for the commit message can we ask if they are 
addressing some ticket number, etc.

   Steve made a Github release for the ETK, the latest release: 
https://github.com/stevenrbrandt/einsteintoolkit.git .

   Steve, for the two codes, Kuibit and Self-force those maintainers 
should share short announcements with the release manager.  Want the 
highlights given to the manager, with possible more information can be 
found at some link.

* ET Workshop, Idaho, 13-17 June 2022



Zach, had a question about the ET Workshop, so Leo adjusted the Google 
form to send a copy to the person creating the form.  Was just announced 
yesterday and registration opened Monday evening. Tutorial volunteers?  
Preferably in-person, but could do remote...believe we will have a 
number of experts on site.  Leo, how to reply to the workshop email list 
and have it go to all the participants?  Check with Roland, he 
administers Workshop mailing list.

Atul, tutorials in the workshop, Yosef or Eric gave one on how to read a 
general par file, liked that very much.  Did not find that tutorial on 
YouTube.  Zach, thinks the lectures and science talks are on YouTube.

[https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered 
question on mailing list]

Looks handled.

open tickets sorted by update time]

tickets ready for review]

Chairs and Minute takers:

17 March:  Chair, Peter D;  Minutes, Atul K

William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN  USA

b.gabella at vanderbilt.edu
(o) 615-343-2713

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