[Users] meeting minutes for 2022-03-10

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Mar 10 09:40:13 CST 2022

Present: Roland, Peter, Yosef, Leo, Miguel, Atul, Maria, Bill, Zach

ET release:

* schedule has been created, on wiki
* according to schedule all proposed codes should be in master
* for FLRWsolver: try and see if current method to compile would work
* regenerate code April 1st
* feature freeze April 12th
* binary black hole gallery example needs a volunteer, have some time

Next ET meeting (U Idaho):

* virtual and in person
* Moscow, Idaho, June 13 to June 17
* https://einsteintoolkit.github.io/et2022uidaho/index.html 
* registration fee, but have support money that can be applied for
* will have slots for lightning talks available

Open tickets:

* discussed #2599
** this could affect our gallery runners, if we switched to a default
of LORENE2 in this release ()

* discussed #2518
  which Roland addressed after the hackathon

* discussed #2598
  for which Maria is in contact with ThornyFlat supprt


* Atul asked about tutorial or video on how to understand parfiles
** Roland mentioned that Erik may have discussed this at the ICERM
  meeting at Brown a couple of years ago
** link to video is on ET wiki, direct link here:
  https://icerm.brown.edu/video_archive/?play=2356 around 2 hours in is
  the parfile discussion

* Leo asked about how to finely control what SYNC does, specifically
  looking for a way to exchange ghost zones but does not transfer
** no function to do just ghost zone exchange
** could use EnableProlongation / DisableProlongation (in

* Leo noticed that volume computation in VolumeIntegral has to multiply
** asked about way to directly sum up grid function values without
adjusting by volume
** Roland suggested to give "isum" reduction a try

Meeting March 24th:

* chair: Yosef Zlochower
* minutes: Miguel Gracia


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