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Leonardo Rosa Werneck wernecklr at gmail.com
Thu May 5 10:53:26 CDT 2022

Einstein Toolkit Weekly Phone Call Minutes
Date   : May 5, 2022
Chair  : Beyhan
Minutes: Leo
Present: Beyhan, Bruno, Leo, Peter, Roland, Yosef, Zach

* Next ET release
- Did anything happen during the testing that could potentially delay
  the release? No, but Roland wished tests were conducted on more

- Have we decided on someone to run the binary black hole example? If no
  one was found, Steve would be the one running it.

- The announcement of the next release needs to be drafted. Roland
  suggested using previous announcements as a starting point.

* ET tests
- Roland: no longer need to make as many workarounds to get ET working
  on Mac OS. M1 Mac is still untested by the developers.

- Peter: ran tests on Stockholm machine "Sunrise" and nothing new to

* ET Summer School
- Registration is closed (deadline was May 1).

- Secured venue. Catering has been arranged.

- Contributed talk abstracts review took place earlier this week. 11
  abstracts were selected. Talks will be in 7+2 minutes format

- Sent out participant support cost information to those who had
  requested it.

- Slightly reorganized the schedule to accommodate longer contributed
  talk sessions. Updated program can be found here:

- Added information on ground transportation to/from airports to the
  website. This information can be found here:

* SpEC contribution
- Erik or Steve could give a tutorial on how to use SpEC, which has been
  scheduled for May 12. We are currently waiting for their
  response. Peter will send a reminder email to Erik.

* Unanswered questions on the mailing list
- M1 Mac architecture error during compilation of the ET. Roland noticed
  a clang error, which the ET does not support. It is recommended to use
  gcc instead. Roland will respond.

- There will be a summer school for the NR community happening at Brown
  University, US on Aug 8-12, 2022. Website:

- Roland will also respond to a follow up question regarding the Trigger

* Open tickets
- Steve and Roland are looking into moving the envsetup so that it is
  easy to generate multiple configurations on a machine with simfactory.

- Roland is currently the one responsible for adding and testing
  configurations on different clusters. Zach worried about the
  sustainability of keeping all of the responsibility on Roland and
  suggested that other individuals should be responsible for optimizing
  the configurations on systems they use often. Roland mentioned that
  his tests sometimes only occur once every six months and that, even
  though a configuration works, it is not necessarily optimal.

Next week's chair  : Roland
Next week's minutes: - (Erik's Presentation)

May 19's chair  : Beyhan
May 19's minutes: Miguel

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