[Users] Meeting minutes for 2022-09-08

Leonardo Rosa Werneck wernecklr at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 10:44:08 CDT 2022

Hi all,

Here are the minutes from today’s meeting.

Chair: Peter Minutes: Leo Present: Peter Diener, Leo Werneck, Sam Cupp,
       Zach Etienne, Keith Dow, Steve Brandt, Beyhan, Gabriele Bozzola,
       Roland Haas, Yosef Zlochower

* Updates on new thorns proposed for inclusion and revisions:

  - NRPyEllipticET: got nice feedback from reviewers. Leo will be
    working on updates over the next couple of weeks.

  - SelfForce1D: no progress during the past week.

  - Baikal: Updates are mostly going to be applied to the code
    generation scripts.

  - FLRW Solver: thorn has been thoroughly reviewed for best
    programming practices and is looking good.

  - Canuda Solver: No update since no reviewer or champion present.

* Zach announces: CarpetX-compatible versions of Baikal and IllinoisGRMHD
  will be developed. "BaikalX" may already exist, will look into it.

* Steve asks: can NRPyElliptic handle the surfaces of NSs when generating
  ID? Zach says: BNS initial data will be the subject of a future project.
  There is no doubt that NRPyElliptic can solve the elliptic problem, but
  the techniques requires for handling the NS surface are yet not
  completely clear.

* Zach suggests: some of ADMBase's functionalities (e.g., setting ID) should
  be moved elsewhere, as currently the thorn does (too) much more than what
  its name suggests.


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