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Wed Jul 20 13:06:13 CDT 2011

User: bmundim
Date: 2011/07/20 01:06 PM

  GRHydro_ENOReconstruct_drv.F90, GRHydro_PPMReconstruct_drv.F90, GRHydro_TVDReconstruct_drv.F90

  GRHydro_Reconstruct.F90, make.code.defn

 RIT GRMHD dev: split reconstruct routine.
 1) The reconstruct routine is the most expensive routine
 in GRHydro and may require some serious thought in the
 future regarding optimization.
 2) This routine was merged by the end of the last year.
 With too many loops, the compiler wasn't able to fully
 optimize it (and it would warn about that).
 3) With this split, the code became easier to read,
 the compiler was able to fully optimize it, but we only
 have a marginal gain in the routine performance (3.2%). 
 Further optimization and clean-up is still desirable.

File Changes:

Directory: /trunk/src/

File [added]: GRHydro_ENOReconstruct_drv.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [added]: GRHydro_PPMReconstruct_drv.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: GRHydro_Reconstruct.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [added]: GRHydro_TVDReconstruct_drv.F90
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

File [modified]: make.code.defn
Delta lines: <Unavailable>

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