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Fri Jan 2 11:53:47 CST 2015

3 new commits in PITTNullCode:

Changeset:   b438ebe136f6
Branch:      None
User:        eschnett
Date:        2015-01-02 17:51:15+00:00
Summary:     PittNullCode: Remove unused variables

Affected #:  35 files

Changeset:   cc57101faceb
Branch:      None
User:        eschnett
Date:        2015-01-02 17:53:12+00:00
Summary:     PittNullCode: Add DECLARE_CCTK_FUNCTION and "use cctk"

Doing this to improve type safety.

Affected #:  26 files

Changeset:   1a389aa13605
Branch:      master
User:        eschnett
Date:        2015-01-02 17:53:38+00:00
Summary:     PittNullCode: Handle CCTK_INT!=integer

Affected #:  7 files

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/pittnullcode/


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