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Date: 2016/12/12 04:56 PM


 ET_2016_11 announcement: Advertise major highlights prominently at the start
 This includes Llama and the GW150914 example.

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--- about/releases/ET_2016_11_announcement.txt	2016-12-09 19:28:44 UTC (rev 1680)
+++ about/releases/ET_2016_11_announcement.txt	2016-12-12 22:56:37 UTC (rev 1681)
@@ -8,9 +8,18 @@
 We are pleased to announce the fourteenth release (code name "Gaposchkin") of the
 Einstein Toolkit, an open, community developed software infrastructure for
-relativistic astrophysics. This release includes, among other things,
-more examples in the Einstein Toolkit Gallery.
+relativistic astrophysics. The highlights of this release are:
+* The Llama multi-patch infrastructure, which has been publicly
+  available for some time already, is now part of the Einstein
+  Toolkit.  An example in the Einstein Toolkit Gallery shows how to
+  run Llama with a simple wave equation.
+* There is a new example in the Einstein Toolkit Gallery demonstrating
+  how to evolve a binary black hole system and reproduce a waveform
+  consistent with GW150914, the first gravitational wave event
+  detected by LIGO.
 In addition, bug fixes accumulated since the previous release in May 2016
 have been included.

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