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File [modified]: ET_2016_11_announcement.txt
Delta lines: +9 -4
--- about/releases/ET_2016_11_announcement.txt	2016-12-15 16:44:45 UTC (rev 1688)
+++ about/releases/ET_2016_11_announcement.txt	2016-12-16 16:04:37 UTC (rev 1689)
@@ -67,12 +67,12 @@
   - Update linker flags to allow linking using newer versions of 'ar'
   - Add '.' to perl @INC directory to allow build using newer versions of Perl
   - Provide Cactus version as CACTUS capability to thorns
-  - Allow aligining interior (instead of just origin) of grid functions
+  - Allow aligning interior (instead of just origin) of grid functions
   - Output build timing information in VERBOSE mode
 * Formaline
   - Attempt to use fast methods where possible (hardlinks are available)
   - Only update files in thorns that changed
-  -> should make it noticibly faster on most systems
+  -> should make it noticeably faster on most systems
 * Simfactory
   - use of environment variables CACTUS_NUM_PROCS and CACTUS_NUM_THREADS
     in runscript of all machines. Update your private entries accordingly.
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@
 === Upcoming changes for the next releases
-The Tmunu paramer support_old_CalcTmunu_mechanism, will be removed after this
+The Tmunu parameter support_old_CalcTmunu_mechanism, will be removed after this
 release. If you rely on this, your code is probably unnecessarily slow. Let us
 know if the removal would create a problem for you.
@@ -131,6 +131,7 @@
 - Comet (#)
 - Draco (#)
 - Edison (#)
+- Galileo
 - Gulob (#)
 - Gordon
 - Hydra (#)
@@ -152,6 +153,10 @@
 #  ML_ADMConstraints: There seems to be a problem regarding calculating the
    constraints from the BSSN quantities. The exact problem is not known yet,
    but indications point towards a compiler problem (Intel in all cases).
+   In all cases the metric data (evolved with ML_BSSN) is identical to the test
+   data (to round-off error) and only the ML_ADMConstraints data differ
+   significantly from the test data. If output statements of relevant
+   quantities are inserted into the code, the differences disappear
    One consistent symptom is failing of the Dissipation and RotatingSymmetry
    testsuites (as they include output of the constraints using
    ML_ADMConstraints). Investigations on this matter will continue,
@@ -175,5 +180,5 @@
 Erik Schnetter
 Barry Wardell
-December 8th, 2016
+December 16th, 2016

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