[Commits] commit/WVUThorns: zach_etienne: IllinoisGRMHD, ID_converter_ILGRMHD: Fix the double-added T_munu at t=0; also fix a conservative-to-primitive scheduling typo

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Tue Jun 19 07:13:59 CDT 2018

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Changeset:   8b562af09a88
Branch:      master
User:        zach_etienne
Date:        2018-06-19 12:13:20+00:00
Summary:     IllinoisGRMHD,ID_converter_ILGRMHD: Fix the double-added T_munu at t=0; also fix a conservative-to-primitive scheduling typo

Two bugs in IllinoisGRMHD were reported by Elias Most, who also suggested fixes.

1) The HydroBase eT[mu][nu] variables were being double-added at t=0 due to the fact that
eT[mu][nu] were being set via

eT[mu][nu] += TDNMUNU

in IllinoisGRMHD's conservative-to-primitive solver. While this is a cute solution given that
the solver is often called within the *Add*toTmunu scheduling bin (emphasis mine), it is
inconsistent with how eT[mu][nu] is set within the outer_boundary routine (i.e.,
non-additively), and generally inconsistent with how IllinoisGRMHD interacts with other thorns.
(IllinoisGRMHD should set eT[mu][nu], and if other thorns want to add, they are welcome to do
so. Due to an additional call to IllinoisGRMHD's conservative-to-primitive solver in
CCTK_POSTPOSTINITIAL, TDNMUNU was being added *twice* at t=0, resulting in bad data being
added to the RHSs of Einstein's equations at t=0.

The IllinoisGRMHD/test results were updated (difference at the 4th or 5th significant digit)
due to this bug fix.

2) The outer boundary routine was scheduled "after conserv_to_prims", except no such function
or scheduling alias exists anymore. The correct scheduling is
"after IllinoisGRMHD_conserv_to_prims". The scheduler had already scheduled this correctly, so
fixing this bug has no effect on results. Regardless, the typo was fixed.

Affected #:  5 files

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/zach_etienne/wvuthorns/


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