[Cosmoparticle-wg] working group on Cosmology and Partticles

Eloisa Bentivegna eloisa.bentivegna at ct.infn.it
Tue Jan 30 11:39:12 CST 2018

On 27/01/18 18:48, Isabel.Cordero at uv.es wrote:
> Hi Eloisa and Helvi. We all know each other so I will avoid
> presentations. I have received an email from a colleague with some
> info about the creation of a working group on Cosmology and Particles
> to discuss extensions of Numerical Relativity towards new physical
> applications and their implementation in the Einstein Toolkit. I find
> these objectives very interesting. I have actually talked to both of
> you in person or by email about numerical methods or different
> aspects that can be of interest in applications in NR and extensions,
> in particular also regarding the Einstein Toolkit. I have so much
> teaching that I cannot guarantee any time for working on specific
> tasks but I would like to be part of this working group and hopefully
> be able to contribute in somehow. Let me know if I can finally be
> part of it.

Dear Isabel,

first of all, thanks for your interest!

You are certainly welcome to the WG. Notice that, at this stage, the WG
membership pretty much mirrors that of this list, as the main current
activity is brainstorming. Once objectives become a little clearer, we
could split into development teams (whose members will have specific
tasks and deadlines). For more information on the expected structure of
the ET WGs, you can consult


For now, just keep an eye out for the first telecon announcement.


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