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#136: Don't rebuild external libraries so often
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Comment (by knarf):

 Then I would have to specify the dummy configuration as well, and remember
 to update it if I update the configuration it belongs to. What exactly do
 you mean with 'too often'? I can see two possibilities:

 a) You might have several configurations, only differing in their
 thornlist. In this case external libraries built for one could be used
 within the other, and rebuilding would probably be not necessary. It
 wastes compile time and and space.
 Of course you can in this case always build the library yourself and let
 Cactus use this instead of the Cactus-build version.

 b) You might have the problem that the libraries within one configuration
 are rebuilt too often. If that is the case, we should be able to fix this
 without creating a dummy configuration.

 Should we take this discussion to the Cactus developers mailing list?

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