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#136: Don't rebuild external libraries so often
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Comment (by eschnett):

 Yes, building the external libraries too often wastes time and space, this
 is exactly why I opened this issue. The only current remedy is to build
 the library yourself, outside of Cactus. But this is what I want to avoid:
 building an external library yourself is often complicated, and Cactus
 already knows how to do it, so Cactus should do this for you.

 The Cactus-built external libraries are rebuilt after a "make clean" or
 "make realclean" (or when the library itself is updated, of course). Most
 people use "make clean" if something inexplicable goes wrong with their
 build, and they want a fresh start. In this case, rebuilding external
 libraries is probably a good idea, since it's not clear what actually is
 going wrong.

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