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#139: Existing symbolic links not deleted
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Comment (by knarf):

 That was my point. Imagine a Cactus checkout in /work/user/Cactus and you
 have a symlink: /home/user/Cactus -> /work/user/Cactus. Now you let
 GetComponents work in /home/user and update a git repository within it
 which should link into /home/user/Cactus/example ->

 It could do that with two commands:
 a) ln -fs /home/user/Cactus/repos/example /home/user/Cactus
 b) ln -fs /home/user/Cactus/repos/example /home/user/Cactus/example

 Both result in the same link within 'Cactus' in case there is no 'example'
 there yet. Adding -n to version a) would, however, result in overwriting
 'Cactus'. The question now is which version of the ln command is actually
 used by GetComponents. Version b) would however fail without -n if
 'example' already exists, because it would try to create an 'example' link
 within the target of the existing 'example' link.

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