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#139: Existing symbolic links not deleted
  Reporter:  eschnett       |       Owner:  eric9
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Comment (by knarf):

 Replying to [comment:3 knarf]:

 > Both result in the same link within 'Cactus' in case there is no
 'example' there yet. Adding -n to version a) would, however, result in
 overwriting 'Cactus'. The question now is which version of the ln command
 is actually used by GetComponents. Version b) would however fail without
 -n if 'example' already exists, because it would try to create an
 'example' link within the target of the existing 'example' link.

 As a summary: using -nfs is probably the best option, but one has to make
 sure that the name of the target link is always specified in the link
 command, not only the directory of the link target like in version a)

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