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#148: Eliminate git clone --depth 1 or provide a work around it
  Reporter:  bmundim        |       Owner:  eric9                  
      Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  accepted               
  Priority:  major          |   Milestone:                         
 Component:  GetComponents  |     Version:                         
Resolution:                 |    Keywords:  git clone shallow depth

Comment (by knarf):

 I have to back up Eric here. The decision about the shallow clone was done
 as a group consensus a while back. The speed and space improvements of
 shallow clones are, as Eric mentioned, not insignificant. Developers need
 full clones, otherwise commits will not work, so it wasn't enabled for
 them. I can also see your points Bruno though, and agree that there
 probably should be an option for this, and we can argue about it's default
 value, for anonymous clones.
 I don't understand the argument about the private repositories though. Is
 there a reason for someone not to use authenticated access to their own

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