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#791: Output timer tree as XML
  Reporter:  hinder       |       Owner:  eschnett
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Comment (by eschnett):

 This only outputs the xml timers at the end of the simulation, and if it
 terminates successfully. Often, this is not the case, and the timer output
 is then lost. I suggest to output the xml timers also at other occasions,
 same as all other timer output. Since it may not be possible to append, I
 suggest to output to a temporary file and rename it when output succeeds,
 as we do with checkpoint files. A large out_every will then, in effect,
 only output at shutdown. Implementing this may be easiest if the timing
 output is moved to TimerReport.

 FWIW, I like the name/value pairs without the <children> tag. As you say,
 this can be adapted later.

 Okay to commit.

 You may need to ensure that you have sufficient accuracy for output; by
 default, C++ rounds to 6 digits. A call to setprecision may help.

 I prefer output file names to have equal length, filling process numbers
 with zeros, as this sorts them better with ls.

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