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#1199: [PATCH]McLachlan_BSSN: fix the Hamiltonian constraint for CCZ4
 Reporter:  anton@…              |        Type:  defect               
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 A typo in a8794cd2227c87c7457ba51d040e863be2f981e7 has caused the
 additional CCZ4 terms to overwrite the BSSN value instead of adding to it.

 Tested to work on TwoPunctures initial data:

 h  = h5py.File('/tmp/testbssn/H.h5')  # BSSN reference
 h1 = h5py.File('/tmp/testccz4/H.h5')  # with the patch
 h2 = h5py.File('/tmp/testccz42/H.h5') # without the patch

 In [89]: numpy.sum(numpy.abs(h.values()[0][:] - h1.values()[0][:]))
 Out[89]: 8.0082674998918897e-15

 In [90]: numpy.sum(numpy.abs(h.values()[0][:] - h2.values()[0][:]))
 Out[90]: 7.9536720382719803

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