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#1157: simfactory option list for Mac OSX
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Comment (by hinder):

 Replying to [comment:2 eschnett]:
 > Another easy fix would be to build HDF5 ourselves.
 > I prefer these "generic" option lists to be as simple as possible, and
 to have as few requirements as possible.

 I agree that we should have a "generic" option which gets people up and
 running.  Cactus is supposed to be able to autoconfigure itself.  I would
 rather put effort into getting that to work properly, and have it build
 its own libraries if the ones it finds are not appropriate.  We should be
 able to run either without an optionlist or with a single generic one on
 all platforms.

 I don't see the OS X optionlist in question as a "generic" optionlist; it
 is the optionlist that I use for my normal work on a well-defined and
 common platform (OS X with MacPorts).  Rather than recompiling libraries
 every time I wipe a configuration, I would rather compile it once and have
 it available to the entire OS.  I consider it a production configuration,
 and I care very much if it takes a long time to build.

 I'm testing the macports modification instruction now, and will update the
 comments in the file as Barry suggested.  After the release, we can modify
 the HDF5 thorn to not require C++ and Fortran support, which will allow us
 to use a much larger number of standard HDF5 installations.

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