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#1075: Test cases with specific number of processes
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  Priority:  critical     |   Milestone:  ET_2012_11
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  * milestone:  => ET_2012_11


 Did anyone test that this new version works with SimFactory before
 committing the change?  I explained why it would not work (comment:20),
 and Roland tested that this was the case.  As of now, I think the test
 system tries to run all the tests, and assumes that it can set the number
 of processes in the mpirun command.  This does not work; SimFactory
 assumes that @NUM_PROCS@ is correct, and this doesn't come from the test
 system.  If you now try to run a set of tests with different process
 number requirements, some of them are always going to fail, because they
 are always run on the same number of processes.

 I think that such a drastic change to the test system, one that breaks the
 ability to use simfactory to run the tests, should not be applied just
 before a release.  I propose reverting this commit, and revisiting this
 after the release when we can come up with a comprehensive solution that
 ensures that simfactory can still work correctly.

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