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#1340: simfactory does not abort --testsuite submission process if rsync fails
 Reporter:  rhaas       |       Owner:  eschnett
     Type:  defect      |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  minor       |   Milestone:          
Component:  SimFactory  |     Version:          
 Keywords:              |  
 when setting up testsuite runs simfactory uses rsync to copy the test
 suite data into the simulation folder. If this rsync fails (eg. because a
 user specified incorrect rsyncopts in defs.local.ini) the submission
 process does not abort and instead submits an emtpy test-suite run.

 rhaas at kraken-gsi2:~/ET_trunk> sim create-submit 2p6t --procs 12 --num-
 threads 6 --walltime 4:0:0 --tests
 uite --allocation TG-ASC120003
 Skeleton Created
 Job directory: "/lustre/scratch/rhaas/simulations/2p6t"
 Option --testsuite given
 Executable: "/nics/c/home/rhaas/ET_trunk/exe/cactus_sim"
 Option list:
 Submit script:
 Run script:
 Assigned restart id: 0
 Copying testsuite data
 rsync: --times=no: option does not take an argument
 rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1) at main.c(1435) [client=3.0.9]
 Executing submit command: /opt/torque/2.5.7/bin/qsub
 Submit finished, job id is 3236567.nid00016
 rhaas at kraken-gsi2:~/ET_trunk> qdel 3236567.nid00016

 My rsynopts were:
 rsyncopts       = --times=no --checksum --include 'configs/*/ThornList'
 --exclude 'configs/*/*'
 which are bad for two reasons:
 1.) kraken's rsync does not no --times-no (likely wants --notimes or so)
 2.) --exclude 'configs/*/*' excludes cctk_MPI.h which is used by the test
 suite infrastructure to detect the presence of MPI

 Note that some of these options are obviously obsolete now that simfactory
 defaults to --times=no --checksum anyway.

 Still, simfactory should always check the exit status of any command it
 calls I think.

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