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#1415: GRHydro updates
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Comment (by rhaas):

 Replying to [comment:3 knarf]:
 > Why is 0002 necessary? I don't like parameters with a name *_hack, for
 obvious reasons.
 There is already an octant_hack :-) . The option prevents some aborts in
 prim2con which aborts for hot eos if some EOS calls failed. Essentially it
 affects points in the symmetry region that will be filled in by the
 symmetry operation later on. Affected points could be eg on the coarse
 grid and only be filled in by the symmetry call after restriction.

 The "correct" fix to this seems to me to have a prim2confailed mask
 similar to con2primfailed (or re-used that mask) and only abort if the
 mask is set after restriction.

 Until then the _hack parameters provide a workaround that lets on run some
 runs that otherwise fail.

 I am not wedded to this parameter though (mostly I just like git and svn
 to be in sync as much as possible).

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