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#1422: Subscribing to commit notifications for the ET should be made easier
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 At the moment, if you want to receive commit notification emails about
 changes to components of the ET, you have to subscribe to a number of
 separate mailing lists.  There is a "commits" mailing list for the ET, but
 this currently only includes notifications for components which are not
 announced on other lists.

 I propose that subscribing to the ET "commits" mailing list should be
 enough to receive commit notifications for all components in the toolkit,
 so that only one subscription is needed.  This will also simplify mail
 filtering on the receiving end.

 Note that the individual components could continue to manage their own
 mailing lists if needed, but a copy of the commit notification would be
 sent to the ET commits list.

 The components with separate lists that I currently know about are:

   * SimFactory
   * Cactus
   * AEIThorns
   * Kranc
   * LSUThorns

 Probably the easiest way to implement this would be to modify the VC
 commit hooks to send the notification to the ET commits list in addition
 to wherever it is currently being sent.  The commits list may have to be
 configured to accept email from these additional addresses.

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