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#1338: Rename Carpet output files
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Comment (by barry.wardell):

 What is the latest status on this? It sounds like the options are:

 1. Use '.' as a separator.
 2. Use '-' as a separator.
 3. Use '..'as a separator.
 4. Use '--' as a separator.
 5. Put output files into per-implementation subdirectories.

 Was there any consensus on which of these to go for? I think my own
 preference was for either '-' or '.'.

 The other question was how the change should be made, either:

 1. As a new parameter, defaulting to the old behaviour.
 2. As a new parameter, defaulting to the new behaviour.
 3. As a change in behaviour.
 4. As one of the above 3 along with a metadata file describing the

 It seemed like most people preferred 1 (or 4), is that right?

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