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#1499: Error in synchronisation after restriction
 Reporter:  hinder  |       Owner:  eschnett           
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  new                
 Priority:  major   |   Milestone:  ET_2014_05         
Component:  Carpet  |     Version:  development version
 Keywords:          |  
 Carpet does not currently restrict into ghost points, and it does not
 synchronise after restricting, as synchronisation is expected to be
 performed by user thorns in MoL_PostStep at the same time as application
 of boundary conditions, and MoL_PostStep is scheduled by MoL in
 CCTK_POSTRESTRICT, which occurs after restriction.

 Unfortunately, CCTK_POSTRESTRICT is traversed in the order coarse to fine,
 whereas restriction happens fine to coarse, so the synchronisation applied
 by the user thorns does not occur in the correct order. This leads to
 incorrect data on the coarse grid.  I noticed this when comparing output
 in 3D between identical simulations run on different numbers of processes.

 The simple fix is to synchronise after restricting on each level; this
 ensures that the result is correct, but introduces a performance penalty
 due to the additional sync.  One optimisation is possible.  Carpet
 currently does not restrict into ghost zones, leading to the requirement
 of a synchronisation after restriction. Carpet can be made to restrict
 into ghost zones, but only if the restriction operator has a single-point
 stencil (e.g. point-copying used in vertex-centered mesh refinement).  If
 this is the case, the sync after restriction is no longer necessary.

 The branch
 |  ianhinder/restrictsync]] implements these changes.

 (aside: the CSS styling on git.carpetcode.org has been broken for a while)

 1.  Carpet: Add restriction sync test
     Test data generated on 1 process.  Test fails on 2 processes due to
     lack of synchronisation in Carpet after restriction.
 2. Carpet: Sync after restriction on each level
     Synchronising in POSTRESTRICT (e.g. in MoL_PostStep) is not
     sufficient, as there it happens coarse-to-fine, whereas it needs to
     happen fine-to-coarse, like restriction.
     This introduces an additional sync of all restricted variables, which
     will have a performance impact.  The coarse grid was, however,
     incorrect before.
     test_restrict_sync now passes on 1, 2 and 4 processes.  It fails on 8
     processes due to an additional blank line in the output which the test
     system does not tolerate.
 3. Carpet, CarpetLib: Restrict into ghost zones and skip sync after
 restrict if not using higher order restriction
     test_restrict_sync still passes on 1 and 2 processes


 * We could enable (3) via a parameter since it is an optimisation.
 However, Erik believes the optimisation is always correct, and all the
 tests continue to pass, so I am tentatively proposing that no additional
 parameter is required.
 * Can we make this sort of problem easier to detect?  e.g. by poisoning
 the ghost points which are not set by restriction?  When relying on user
 thorns to do something, can we poison the corresponding points first?

 Thanks to Erik for helping to diagnose the problem and suggesting possible
 fixes. ET test results unchanged on 1 and 2 processes.

 Comments on the commits?

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