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#1429: Assertion error when using "eval" & new UIUC speedup in TwoPunctures
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Comment (by bernard.j.kelly@…):

 Hi Roland. Apologies for the CCTK_REAL/CCTK_REAL* typeof; I'd corrected
 that myself locally, or so I thought.

 Anyway, I can confirm that fixing the one obvious logic bug in line 115 of
 the original code does *not* fix the actual issue; I'd tried that first in
 my own run. But it should be fixed, anyway, if the Numerical Recipes code
 is to persist.

 I suspect Erik's observation --- "It seems the problem is that
 retval[nrl][0] is never set." --- is the real problem in the original
 code. Nevertheless, I think the Numerical Recipes Fortran-masquerading-
 as-C code should be junked anyway. I was originally going to submit my
 simpler d3tensor as a replacement for what's there, but then thought that
 this would be more minimalist. That still leaves "dvector" etc ...

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