[ET Trac] [Einstein Toolkit] #1434: remove non-conserved test data from Refluxing tests

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Fri Sep 6 03:45:24 CDT 2013

#1434: remove non-conserved test data from Refluxing tests
 Reporter:  rhaas                  |       Owner:                     
     Type:  defect                 |      Status:  new                
 Priority:  minor                  |   Milestone:                     
Component:  EinsteinToolkit thorn  |     Version:  development version
 Keywords:  Refluxing              |  
 the attached patch removes all primitive variables from the test output.
 It removes the odd timesteps form the shift-atboundary test since the
 sum(convservatives) is only constant at even steps when there is no time
 interpolation for the reduction. It increases the threshold for the no-
 refluxing test to value used for other hydro tests. Ok to apply? With
 these all tests pass (without being regenerated).

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