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#1439: SSL certificate check failing
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 The check for SSL certificates in line 535:
 # check for svn SSL problems
 if ( $rec{"TYPE"} eq "svn" && defined $rec{"AUTH_URL"} ) {
     my $base = $rec{"AUTH_URL"};
     $base =~ s/(https\:\/\/[\w\.]+)\/(.*)$/$1/i;
     unless ( defined $svn_servers{$base} ) {
         my $ret = `$svn --non-interactive info $rec{AUTH_URL} 2>&1`;
         if ( $ret =~ /Server certificate verification failed/ ) {
             $svn_servers{$base} = 0;
         else {
             $svn_servers{$base} = 1;
 is incorrect since eg for the ET manifest where
 the executed svn command is:
 svn --non-interactive info https://svn.einsteintoolkit.org/$1/trunk 2>&1
 which actually returns and error:
  svn: E175002: Unable to connect to a repository at URL
 svn: E175002: The OPTIONS request returned invalid XML in the response:
 XML parse error at line 1: Extra content at the end of the document
 but the code does not test for svn failures at all at this point.

 The simplest fix would be to move the check further down where {{{$1}}}
 has been replaced by an actual value, eg into the loop:
 # we are splitting each group of components into individuals
 # to check for existence. they will now be passed individually to
 # the checkout/update subroutines. this will take up more memory,
 # but it should make it easier if the user decides to add another
 # component from the same repository later
 my @checkouts = split( /\s+/m, $rec{"CHECKOUT"} );
 foreach my $checkout (@checkouts) {
 in line 565 which however causes the test to run for every single CHECKOUT

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