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#1429: Assertion error when using "eval" & new UIUC speedup in TwoPunctures
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  Priority:  major                     |   Milestone:  ET_2013_11          
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Resolution:                            |    Keywords:  TwoPunctures, malloc

Comment (by bernard.j.kelly@…):

 Update. I think I've found the actual problem with the original code:

 Under -O3 optimisation (at least on this machine, with the Intel
 compiler), the pointer assignment loops weren't being completed before the
 assert statements were executed. I suspect this is because the assert
 statements don't look like they depend on the result of the assignment?

 I'm attaching a proposed patch to the repository TP_utilities.c that
 enforces the proper timing of the assert() checks by putting them in an IF
 statement that tests whether the loop iterator has actually reached the
 end of the loop. This may not be the best way of doing this, but it works
 for me, and still passes the test suites.

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