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#1522: Improve determining make dependencies
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 Cactus automatically determines the dependencies between source files and
 their include files. This mechanism doesn't quite work in all cases; e.g.
 when a source file (or header file?) is removed, the build aborts, and the
 auto-generated dependencies have to be deleted automatically.

 I have recently come across a mechanism that works reliably. Here is the
 relevant Makefile fragment, applied to building C++ files:

 # Taken from <http://mad-scientist.net/make/autodep.html> as written
 # by Paul D. Smith <psmith at gnu.org>, originally developed by Tom
 # Tromey <tromey at cygnus.com>
 PROCESS_DEPENDENCIES =                                  \
         sed -e 's/$@.tmp/$@/g' < $*.o.d > $*.d &&       \
         sed -e 's/\#.*//'                               \
                 -e 's/^[^:]*: *//'                      \
                 -e 's/ *\\$$//'                         \
                 -e '/^$$/ d'                            \
                 -e 's/$$/ :/' < $*.o.d >> $*.d &&       \
         rm -f $*.o.d

 %.o: %.cc
         ${CXX} -MD ${CPPFLAGS} ${CXXFLAGS} -o $@.tmp -c $*.cc
         @mv $@.tmp $@

 -include ${DEPS}

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