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#1525: cannt use environment variables in non-stringy parameters
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 the attached parfile, when run with
 ~/data/postdoc/gr/Zelmani/exe/cactus_null env.par
 produces an error
 WARNING level 0 in thorn Cactus processor 0 host horizon.tapir.caltech.edu
   (line 1 of env):
   -> Invalid assignment: Attempting to set a variable of type REAL with
 preventing any number-valued parameter to be passed into the simulation
 via environment variables. In my case I wanted to use the runtime that I
 computed based on the information available in a qsub script (ie without
 using simfactory), which is useful to eg run several short Cactus runs in
 a single qsub script.

 It would be useful if (as in eg awk for data read from files) environment
 variables are considered to be "numeric strings" which can be converted to
 numbers if required.

 Boolean, string type parameters and keyword type parameters work fine.
 This is a regression compared to the old parser which did to the env
 expansion before the parsing stage so would allow env variables everywhere
 (though I think only on the RHS and not on the LHS of a parameter

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